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Poster design for Storefront ChurchIt’s a hallmark of Theatre B’s season, quite an FM arts tradition, and part of what makes the occasion special: to open the holiday show on Thanksgiving.

And yet, this year we will not present on Thanksgiving. “Why?” you may ask.

It wasn’t an easy decision. It has become a tradition, and it’s always dangerous to mess with traditions. However, there are two very good reasons.

First, it’s become a question of values. We have a set of value statements, and one of them is stewardship of all resources, especially the artists who come to create at Theatre B. Asking those artists to take time away from their families and friends to put on a show is already a lot to ask; adding in performances on holidays is an extra burden. More and more businesses are opening on Thanksgiving, sending a very clear statement on what our culture values. We decided it was time to make the opposite statement. We value the time we spend at home, with family and friends, not working, not shopping. That is something we value, and it was time to live into that value in the work we produce.

The other reason is that we have been working with more and more professionals who are members of the union, Actor’s Equity. Actor’s Equity ensures that its members have two days off per year: Thanksgiving and either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. So we thought it wise to make the change before it became a problem for the professionals we would like to engage.

We hope you will understand and take the opportunity to develop your own traditions at Thanksgiving with your family and friends. We’ll see you at the theatre the next day!