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B At Home: Tim Larson

“Regardless of how silly and ridiculous the idea or suggestion may be, we have to make it work. We need more of this right now. Unity and collaboration.”

B At Home: Tucker Lucas

“This pandemic will eventually pass, and many of us will go back to the way things were before. Don’t do that. Life is too short and you’ll miss it when it’s gone. Love your family, love your life, and follow Coop’s words of advice.”

B At Home: Clare Lynch

“Remember to take care of your mind and body. Keep a routine as much as you can. And let’s keep our communities strong—whether it’s a gym, theatre, church, gaming group or workplace—so we can come back stronger than ever.”

B At Home: Maren Jystad-Spar

“I think so much of this moment in time is like the purple dot. I get sucked into the little things that
drive me insane like a door not being closed, toys being left abandoned in the hallway, someone
constantly being hungry, or my husband not being able to read my mind and do what I think
needs to be done. But if I can manage to regain control of my thoughts and big feelings (…), I am able to change the lens I’m looking through.”

Meet the Artist: Clare Lynch

“This is a great holiday show because this is the time of year when we’re all reuniting with family we haven’t seen in a long time, possibly since the last holiday season. And at least some awkwardness is inevitable. It can be cathartic to watch that exact scenario play out onstage, with humor and a touch of heartbreak thrown in.”

Meet the Artist: Mary Cochran

“If I had to choose a favorite line, I think it would be when Norma laments “Why aren’t we a real family?”.

Meet the Artist: Cate Ross

“Bonnie, like all of us in our way, wants to belong to something bigger than herself.”

Meet The Artist: Scott Ecker

“It was a terrific script full of relatable family dynamics. … I hope that audiences will empathize with characters that they might not necessarily agree with or understand.”