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“I guess everybody wants to start over. Just burn it all down and start over.” – Sharon

Interview with Tucker Lucas, Sound Designer for The Roommate


What is your theatrical background? What is your history with Theatre B?

I’ve been involved in theatre since junior high school. Before I joined Theatre B in 2007 as an ensemble member, I did some work with FMCT, The Entertainment Company, and Undiscovered Country Productions.

What does a sound designer do?

The sound designer’s job is to bring the vision of the director to life when it comes to any audio elements of a show. That can be as simple as creating a music playlist for intermission and scene transitions, to more complex setups involving audio recording and editing for sound effects, experimental soundscapes, or emotional music beds.

What part of the design process do you find to be the most fun? What about the most challenging?

I love sitting down and listening to a LOT of music to find the right pieces. Generally, I work from a shared spreadsheet that I provide to the director and stage manager, which allows them to collaborate directly with me at any time of day if they have strong opinions on music or sound effect choices. When it comes to most challenging that really depends on the show.

What are some specific aspects of The Roommate design that make you really happy or proud?

I was really happy to see our director Jon Micheels Leiseth dive in with a strong sense of the music he was looking for. When a director sets a good foundation and boundaries on a designer, it can actually help free up the creative process. I’m proud of getting my favorite Gillian Welch song in the design! 🙂

What is something an audience member should listen for, or pay attention to when they see the show?

I probably should say something about the sound design, but you aren’t going to be able to take your eyes and ears off of the performers. I’m a very big fan of Carrie and Pam’s work, and in this show, they produce some comedic beats that I’ve ever seen them do before. They are masters of their craft.