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There were five main areas I needed to light for “Smaii Mouth Sounds”: the Great Hall, a meeting room that was different from the Great Hall, the cabins for retreat participants, and the outdoors during both day and night. Because the striking and beautiful set trees and rocky stair unit were constant throughout the show, I needed to enhance each retreat location with lighting. When I first read the script, my idea was to establish the cabins with three pools of light, and sure enough, at our first production meeting, Crystal, the director had the same concept in mind. Lighting the scrim was integral to establishing the passing of time. I used blue colors and a moon and stars gobos for night scenes and made transitions to reddish-orange for sunrises. The results were effective and it was fun to get positive feedback.

The collaborative art of theatre was certainly the key to getting the lighting design just right for this play. I really appreciated the technical assistance of the Theatre B staff and insights from the talented production team as we worked together to bring this show to life on stage. I look forward to future production work.

~ Scott Anderson, Lighting Designer, Small Mouth Sounds