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After spending 10 years at its current home of 716 Main Avenue in Fargo, the time has come for Theatre B to search for a forever home. The company is applying their celebrated creativity to their search for a performance space. The theatre is seeking proposals to temporarily house the ensemble in new and surprising locations. The company hopes to activate unlikely buildings and neighborhoods while creating another season of engaging art. The proposals are open to anyone with space located in the Fargo-Moorhead area. The ideal space would be 2500-5000 square feet, have no posts or have widely spaced posts, a minimum ceiling height of 14 feet, and have wheelchair accessibility.Theatre B Exterior 2

“We know we need a real home. In the meantime, we want to put our resources into the art, not a space,” says Lori Horvik, one of Theatre B’s founding members. “When we find the right place for us and for the community, we will invest in that place. We are looking at this as an adventure, a decision that takes courage and commitment.”

A big part of that commitment is to the Fargo-Moorhead community. While the company searches for a permanent home, they are looking for short-term performance space within the two cities. Scott Horvik, another co-founder, thinks of it like couch-surfing, “Maybe we’ll have a transition home before we find the right one; you know, hang out at a couple of friends’ places for a while. We’ll still be here, involved in the community.”

Carrie Wintersteen, another co-founder and Executive Director, sees these short-term homes as a “Win-Win,” for the owners and developers who may choose to host Theatre B and its company. “Theatregoers spend time and money ‘out on the town,’ and nearby amenities benefit from a regular flow of artists and a diverse audience.  We will bring vitality to unexpected spaces and, just like our art, we’ll encourage people to see the spaces in a new light.”

The Request For Proposals can be found at https://theatreb.wpengine.com/AboutUs.aspx. For other inquiries contact Carrie Wintersteen at 701-729-8880 or carrie@theatreb.org.