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Prop (n).
1.  A pole or beam used as a support or to keep something in position, typically not an integral part of the thing supported.
2.  A portable object other than furniture or costumes used on the set of a play or movie.
3.  An aircraft propeller.

(If you guessed this post is about #2, you’re right!  Although #1 applies somewhat.  But #3 would be pretty bad ass.)

I’m putting on a strange and brand new hat for our production of The 12 Dates of Christmas, and that would be the hat of the Props Designer.

This is something that I’ve been excited yet slightly scared for.  Excited because I get to be involved with a production in  new way that doesn’t involve the time commitment of stage managing.  Scared because I don’t consider myself terribly creative or crafty.

Missy and the Doo Wop girls during rehearsalThankfully, this production is not very prop-heavy.  The majority of the props involved are ornaments for the Christmas tree that are associated with each of Mary’s failed dates.  Some ornaments are specified in the script as to what they are (a guitar, for example).  However, others are more open to my imagination.  (Eeeee!)

Lots of ideas come to mind for some of the ornaments, while others are harder to come up with.  Coming up with an object to associate to a date that in only about a paragraph of text can be difficult.  But I think I’ve come up with some cool ideas…

…and bringing those ideas to life is a little challenging.  As it turns out, I’m a lot craftier in my head than what comes out of my hands.  But this isn’t all bad!  It’s teaching me to develop new skills and forces me to be patient with myself while I learn them.  And if there’s a skill I don’t have but need – be resourceful!

I sat in on tonight’s rehearsal run to get a better idea of the flow of the show and to make sure the props I’ve completed so far are working well with the show.  I can’t wait until all of the pieces come together and you get to see it!  I laughed out loud at several moments in the show.  (Which, for a Norwegian laugher like myself, says a lot.)

Until next time…

Alie Farren
Props Designer, 12 Dates