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We have been grateful to acquire four new interns for spring 2014. For the next four days, we invite you to learn about each of the individuals we have welcomed into our intentional family.

Name: Cheryl Lussky

Intern Position: Graphic Design

Major/Minor: Graphic Design / Music and Scandinavian Studies

School: Concordia College

Hometown: Anoka, MN

What attracted you to Theatre B?: I’ve always loved anything and everything to do with art and music, and theatre encompasses both of those.

What are you most excited to experience during your internship?: I’m excited to be an active part in the art that happens at Theatre B and to get real world graphic design experience.

Activities outside of Theatre B: I work several jobs which include doing photo editing for a photography studio, graphic design for Concordia’s art gallery, and program layouts for Music Theatre Fargo-Moorhead. I also play cello in my school’s orchestra.

Hobbies: Drawing, photography, reading, horseback riding, music, and spending time with my pets.

A unique characteristic of yourself: Physical: I currently have 3 tattoos. Personality: I really suck at talking to people in person, but I can write a fantastic letter no problem.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?: I plan on living in the Twin Cities area with my dog and my boyfriend, hopefully working somewhere in the graphic design field.