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An Interview with Tucker Lucas
Director, Santaland Diaries
The Santaland Diaries by David Sedaris, adapted by Joe Montello
Based on the iconic essay by David Sedaris, The Santaland Diaries is a brilliant evocation of what a slacker’s Christmas must feel like. Out of work, our slacker decides to become a Macy’s elf during the holiday crunch. Twisted, sardonic, and funny, The Santaland Diaries is the subversive Christmas tale for the ages. The Santaland Diaries runs November 23 – December 15, 2018.
This interview has been edited for clarity
What is your theatrical background? 
I’ve been an ensemble member with Theatre B for 11 years. You’ve probably seen me in a few shows on our stage, but the past few years I’ve mostly worked behind the scenes.
What is The Santaland Diaries about?
The Santaland Diaries recounts the anxieties and humiliations of working as an Elf at Macy’s Santaland.
Do you have a favorite line from the show?
Phil Collins.
Are there any little secrets about the show that you’re willing to spill? 
I really wish I could but we have so many surprises in this show that I don’t dare even drop hints. If you like the show, please don’t forget to shower me with praise. If you hate the show, please don’t forget to take it out on the actor.
By Emily Clemenson