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An Interview with Tim Larson

Director, Church and State

Church & State by Jason Odell Williams

Senator Charles Whitmore decides to tell the public precisely what he is really thinking with less than three days until his potential re-election. How could that backfire? A hilarious dramedy about God, Guns, and Politics, and where they all intersect. Church and State runs September 27 – October 20.

This interview has been edited for clarity

What is your theatrical background?

I have been doing theater since I tried out for a show in the 8th grade. Loved it ever since. I received my BA in theater in California from Vanguard University and worked on several productions after. I am fairly new to the Theatre B family as a new ensemble member and was most recently involved in a production of 1984. I love the challenge of bringing theater to people who have not experienced it before and look forward working with the talented people at B doing this already.

Why is Church and State important to see?

This play could not be more timely in the subjects it covers: Guns and God. It’s full of strong conversations, but it doesn’t take sides. It also explores the human elements of doubt and having a crisis of faith. To me, it’s an important topic and this play helps to show viewpoints on both sides of the debate and encourages us to speak openly and work together to create change.

If you could pick any line from the show that speaks to you the most, what is it?

“Because we are helpless. And the sooner you surrender to that you will be at peace.”  The idea that some things are bigger than us and are out of our control. That’s super scary. But we can’t let those fears control us. We have to control what we can and let go what we can not.  

Anything else about yourself or the show that you want to share?

Church & State is an incredibly approachable play. If you love theater and have family members or friends you have been leery of bringing in the past, this is a perfect show for them. There are relatable characters with real issues. It’s great for conversation on the drive home. I promise you will love it.  

By Emily Clemenson