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Meet The Moor-Hen!

Taylor Fay will be playing the Moor-Hen in Theatre B’s upcoming production of The Moors

As we get closer and closer to opening night of The Moors, we wanted to give you the chance to meet some of brilliant actors that are helping bring the dreary English moors to life!

Up first is Taylor Fay:

Fay performing in Theatre B’s production of 1984

Fay is relatively new to the Theatre B stage, having made her Theatre B debut as the Second Party Member in 1984 last fall. Since then, she has also worked as a stagehand for Marjorie Prime this past winter. She was thrilled with the opportunity to work with Theatre B on The Moors saying, “Working with Theatre B has been so wonderful for me in the past, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do it again.”

Although she may be new to Theatre B, it does not mean she is new to performing. Fay received her BFA in Theatre Arts with a emphasis in Performing from NDSU. This gave her plenty of opportunities to be on stage. Off the stage, Fay enjoys working, exercising, cooking, and playing Dungeons and Dragons claiming “That’s it. That is all I do.”

A Moor-Hen

In Fay’s words, “The Moors is a dark comedy with some absurdity mixed in. It will make you feel the entire spectrum of human emotion.” Fay plays the Moor-Hen, a practical and present bird. Fay jokes, “She has these moments where she’s like Dory from Finding Nemo. She even says that she isn’t very intelligent, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t smart. She’s street smart in a way, and that shows in the way that she interacts with the Mastiff.” Fay adds, “She can also be a bit dorky. She gets excited over the simple things. Food is a great example.”

Fay feels she has been able to put a lot of herself into the Moor-Hen saying, “This character needs a lot of the actor’s personality to work. I think this comes from her transparency. I don’t believe that she does it in a blunt ways; she just doesn’t have time to beat around the bush.”

Fay rehearsing with fellow cast mate, Michael Sunram

Fay has had a wonderful experience throughout the rehearsal process for The Moors. She has greatly enjoyed seeing her fellow actors own their roles with incredible force. The only problem is, it’s very rare she gets to see them.”Since the Moor-Hen and Mastiff scenes are separate, I don’t get to see the other actors rehearsing. That being said, when I do, it makes it even more special!”

Fay says people should come see The Moors because “It won’t be like anything you’ve seen before, but I believe it will surprise you in the best possible way!”