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It all started with an invitation to sit on a board.

“Well, I started being involved with theatre in 2007 when the E.D. of FMCT asked me to sit on their board of directors. From there I tried stage managing and some other technical things. Then all of a sudden I was in the New Years Review, singing and dancing. So that was kinda interesting.”

Since then, Rick Mangahas has been in several productions around town, including shows at FMCT and the Harwood Prairie Playhouse. He is making his Theatre B debut this holiday season as Donaldo, the borough president stuck in the moral quandaries that are at the heart of Storefront Church.

“Donaldo, he’s at this fork in the road. He’s in this dilemma about what is right. Should I stick with my ideals? Should I make a decision that might be good for my community but outside my moral standards? What should I do? For me, it’s a great challenge to try to live out that crisis every night.”

Not only is it a complex role, it’s also the largest he’s played. “The amount of dialogue and being onstage is pretty intense. The memorization thing, that’s been a good challenge for me.”

“It’s just been great. I love working with all the actors involved and this process. I love that experience of going from first read all the way through closing night. And I’ve learned a lot from the cast, and Patrick, the director, to help make me a better actor.”