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An Interview With Missy Teeters

Adrienne, Cry It Out

Three new moms from different backgrounds bond over parenting babies. Simple? Friendship, marriage, careers are anything but simple in Cry It Out, a comedy with dark edges. Cry It Out takes an honest look at the absurdities of navigating women’s choices, family life, and job security in modern day America. 

What is this show about?

Cry It Out is about four new parents trying to navigate the challenges life brings with their new family addition — isolation, the decision whether or not to go back to work, and adventures in breastfeeding to name a few. My character, Adrienne, is a successful jewelry designer from New York who seems to struggle with being a new mom. She is practical, efficient, speaks her mind, and is waaaay cooler than I could ever be.

What makes this show a “B Show”?

This is such a B show– it is a lovely comedy that also examines the economics connected with raising kids, how options can be limited by income, the crazy expectations put on new moms,  communication breakdowns in marriages, and the sometimes bizarre friendships created in parenting.

Is there a character that you relate to? Why?

I love the fact that I hate every character at some point during the show. They’re all very real and sometimes very frustrating, but I can relate to all of the characters– Lina’s sense of humor and loyalty, Mitchell’s bumbly awkwardness, Jessie’s kind but kinda “type A” personality, and Adrienne’s fierce no-nonsense attitude

What is your theatrical background? What is your history with Theatre B?

I attended Concordia College in Moorhead and have a Theatre degree. I’ve been working with Theatre B since the fall of 2006.