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Meet the Mastiff

Michael Sunram will be playing the Mastiff in Theatre B’s upcoming production of The Moors

Sunram in Theatre B’s production of Straight White Men

Sunram, the only man in the cast, is heavily involved with Theatre B. As an Ensemble member, he has acted, designed lighting, constructed sets, and been board operator with Theatre B. When not busy with theatre, Sunram enjoys taking long walks, doing house and yard work, watching monster movies, reading, listening to music, and many other things.

Sunram became interested in The Moors when the directing team recommended that he take on his role. He plays the Mastiff, “A large dog who’s mostly ignored by the rest of the household. He pontificates about his dilemma of constant sameness and solitude.” Sunram says he relates with the Mastiff’s isolation and loneliness. “[It is] this odd feeling of being in the way and nobody noticing you at the same time.”

Sunram says it has been a very productive rehearsal process thus far. “The cast gels with one another very nicely. Everyone truly knows their character by now.” The biggest challenge, Sunram has said, is getting off book to achieve better connections with one another. “Some of the dialogue is very stylized even though its very simple looking on the page. That’s been a challenge when remembering lines.”

Sunram rehearsing for The Moors with Taylor Fay

Sunram thinks everyone should come see The Moors because “It’s an absurd play with dark humor and unusual relationships. Also, to support Theatre B’s mission of presenting unique theatre in the F/M area.”