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We are pleased to announce we are welcoming another professional artist into our intentional family!

Melissa Flower, a professional freelance director and dramaturg from Houston, Texas, will serve as the Director of Production for this summer’s BEAT and Governor’s School collaboration.

“There are few things more rewarding than gathering a group of people with the same hope, working toward the same goal, for a brief saturated moment of time,” she says. “I think this level of collaboration is a good practice for living in the world and being human.”

Melissa holds a masters degree in theatre arts with an emphasis in dramaturgy from the University of Houston and a bachelors degree in fine arts from Baylor University.

She describes a dramaturg as a theatrical position in flux – “like professional inspiration gurus, scholars, questioners, explorers, instigators, general rabble-rousers, etcetera.”

A dramatrug usually helps the director with research or serves as an advocate for the production process, she says. Often a dramatrug serves as a literary manager, and sometimes he or she works in new play development helping playwrights create new work.

For the past year, she served as the Literary Assistant at the Alley Theatre where she assisted in the dramaturgical reserach for plays such as The Mountaintop, Death of a Salesman, The Elephant Man and Venus in Fur. Today she is a board member of Wordsmyth Theatre Company acting as their resident dramaturg.

Melissa has trained in Suzuki and Viewpoints (the training that will be offered during the program) for the past three years, attending various workshops with the SITI Company in Manhattan.

She is most looking forward to working with our program director and ensemble member Brad Delzer, with whom she had the opportunity to train with in 2012 at SITI Company’s Winter Intensive.

“One of the things they said when we went into the workshop was that these people might become the artists we collaborate with throughout the rest of our lives,” she says. “Many from our group have already made some pretty amazing work together. Now, it feels like it is my turn to use this common language as well as what new knowledge Brad and I have gained these past two years to pursue something larger than both of us.”