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Jason/Tyrone is Jake Hundley’s first role in a Theatre B mainstage production, having participated in the Second Stage production of The Strange Misadventures of Patty… in 2009. Jake is a self-proclaimed dog person and lover of Electronic Dance Music who enjoys spending his free time with his family and friends. You can see Jake onstage in Hand to God through April 8th!

TB: Tell us a bit about yourself…
JH: I was born in Nevada, but moved to Fargo at a very young age. I have some awesome parents and three older brothers.  I’m a graduate of Fargo South High School, and attended MSUM where I studied Theatre.

TB: When did you start performing?
JH: My first major role was freshman year of high school, a production of The Crucible.

TB: Do you have a favorite production experience?
JH: My favorite show, besides Hand to God, was a production of Cabaret I was in while studying at MSUM. It was a really great introduction to the college theatrical experience and a lot of fun.

Jake in HAND TO GOD, photo by Kensie Wallner Photography.

TB: What do you find rewarding about performing?
JH: Becoming an instrument through which others can escape from their troubles and relax is something I find very rewarding. I think performing is very therapeutic, for me and for the audience. Theatre has a way of inspiring people to be their best selves.

TB: What has it been like working on Hand to God?
JH: Well, the Stage Manager totally sucks. Haha. (This interviewer is the Stage Manager.) It has been my biggest artistic challenge. I wish I had more time to play and explore things because it has been so fun. I trust this cast more than I’ve trusted any other ensemble; working in this intimate setting with this group of artists has been fantastic.

TB: How do you relate to your characters – Jason and Tyrone?
JH: I can relate to Jason because I know what feeling lost can be like, what it is like to be figuring out what kind of person you want to be and how to make that happen. With Tyrone, I relate to his desperation and frustration, what it is like to really want something.

Jake and the rest of the cast in a promotional image from THE STRANGE MISADVENTURES OF PATTY…

TB: Did you have any puppetry experience prior to this show?
JH: None. The puppet work almost felt childish, I was watching puppetry videos on YouTube (including things like Sesame Street) for character research and bringing home a rehearsal puppet to work with every night. Trying to form a bond with the puppet felt strange, but now I definitely have an emotional connection that piece of cloth.

TB: Why should audience members come to Hand to God?
JH: First to laugh, then to open their minds to challenging ideas.