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Meet Emilie!

Crystal Cossette will be playing Emilie in Theatre B’s upcoming production of The Moors

Cossette in Theatre B’s production of Hand to God

Both an ensemble member and veteran to Theatre B’s stage, Cossette has been a big supporter of Theatre B from the beginning. Some of her previous Theatre B credits include Hand to God as well as Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike. Cossette has being performing for the past twenty years. She studied Theatre Arts at Augsburg University and has performed in plays, musicals, sketch comedy shows, and operas.

When not on stage, Cossette has a full schedule. “I have 2 kids, and they take up a good amount of my time. I have a full time job, and I’m also the Performing Arts Director for the Creative Plains Foundation. On top of that, I have a side baking business called Sugarplum. I don’t have much down time!”

Cossette in Theatre B’s production of Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike

Cossette rehearsing for The Moors

After reading the script, Cossette fell in love with The Moors. She finds the female characters interesting and strong, and she greatly enjoys its odd type of humor. In her words, “The Moors is a bizarre and hilarious play full of fantastic female characters and one dog (played by a man). It’s about love, loneliness, and wanting to feel connected to something or someone, while also learning how to stand on your own.”

Cossette plays Emilie, a governess who has arrived on the moors looking for love. Emilie is equal parts romantic and practical, which Cossette can relate to. “I must admit that I’m a romantic, and I also appreciate strong, smart, and sensible people. I also enjoy alliteration, just like she does!” However, there are some parts of Emilie that differs from Cossette. “I would never go to the lengths she goes to to feel a part of something. There’s a point in the show when I know that I absolutely would have bolted out of the house and left the job behind, but Emilie stays.”

Cossette has greatly enjoyed the rehearsal process and working with such a talented cast. However, she definitely has had her challenges. “Jen Silverman is a wonderful playwright and her wording is very particular. It’s not necessarily the easiest to memorize.”

Cossette thinks everyone should see The Moors “because there has never been a play like this before! It really leaves you guessing and has so many twists and turns. Also, the Moor Hen/Mastiff story line is one my favorite side stories of any play.”