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Meet Marjory/Mallory!

Clare Lynch will be playing Marjory/Mallory in Theatre B’s upcoming production of The Moors.

Lynch in Theatre B’s production of The Art of Bad Men

Lynch is making her return to the Theatre B’s stage in The Moors after previously being in The Art of Bad Men and Equivocation. She received a BFA in Theatre Performance from NDSU in 2015, and she has been performing her entire life. “I grew up in a family of theatre people, so performing has always been part of my life–whether it was our family band (every bit as embarrassing as you’re imagining) or the summer musical at our local community theater. We were always working on some performance or another.”

When not performing, Lynch works at Super Studio, a graphic design and production studio. She also teaches XaBeat dance fitness classes and enjoys knitting, cooking, listening to NPR, and “various other grandmother-y activities.”

Lynch in Theatre B’s production of Equivocation

In Lynch’s words, “The Moors is a mildly absurd dark comedy about isolation, manipulation and romance and how the three work together. It’s equal parts hilarious and creepy.” The Moors has everything Lynch loves, an ensemble-focused cast, powerful female characters, and uniqueness that does not fit any single genre. “It’s sort of a period piece but also feels very modern. Every audience member will leave with their own idea of what the play was about. I love that.”

Lynch rehearsing for The Moors

Lynch plays the maid of the house, Marjory and Mallory. “She’s manipulative, strategic, and perpetually overworked. Much of the absurdity of the play comes from my character. When she’s in the scullery, she’s called Marjory, and when she’s in the parlor, she’s called Mallory. It makes no logical sense at all, but as Mallory says, ‘It’s how the time passes here.’ ” Lynch relates with Marjory/Mallory’s dry sense of humor and passive aggressiveness. “I love finding the comedy in her rudeness. She’s a bit more on the aggressive side of passive aggressive than I am, but then, she’s been through a lot more.”

Lynch has loved working with such a talented group of people. “I’ve never been in a cast before where everything clicked so perfectly at the very first read through. This is a truly special group of people, and I feel so fortunate to be part of it. It’s been a very collaborative process, with all of us working together to solve any challenges that arise. We all bring a piece of ourselves to our characters, so everything feels genuine and natural when we’re onstage together.”

Lynch says people should see The Moors because “It’ll make you laugh, think, and squirm in your seat. Why wouldn’t you go?”