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Amanda is making her second appearance on the Theatre B stage, as Abby in Slice of Life. You may have seen Amanda in FMCT’s production of Peter and The Starcatcher or in Aimee Klein’s Night of Skits and Tomfoolery earlier this year. Amanda is an energetic soul, always looking for new opportunities to create art. You can see her onstage in Slice of Life through the end of the month.

TB: Tell us a bit about yourself?
AL: I’m 5’6”, blonde hair… haha. No just kidding. I was born in North Carolina, but my family moved around a lot when I was a kid. We ended up in Dickinson, ND where I went to high school and started college. I moved to Fargo a while back, and now I’m here making art. I work as a server at the HoDo and have an awesome cat named Margot.

TB: How did you first get involved in the arts?
AL: I was in a play in the second grade. It was a children’s musical version of Rumpelstiltskin, in an itty bitty opera house somewhere. I played a bee; I wore a giant padded bee costume with a sequined bee antennae headband, and everything. It was a blast. Unfortunately I didn’t really have any other performing opportunities until high school. My brother convinced me to audition for a musical, I didn’t know what I was doing (it was embarrassing), but I was cast in the chorus anyway and I loved it. Between high school and college I think I participated in about 36 productions.

Amanda and Theatre B ensemble member Lori Horvik in Slice of Life. Photo by Kensie Wallner Photography.

TB: You’re not just a performer though; you also do some visual art?
AL: Correct, I have a studio at Seagrave Studios. I paint and I carve, to be honest I do just about anything creative that I can put my mind to. I have a lot of energy to put out into the world and I’ve found creating is the best way to put this energy to use. I’ve found that I am much more satisfied with life when I’m working creatively, whether that’s performing, or painting.

TB: Do you have a favorite role or past production?
AL: My favorite role was Loud Stone in a production of Sarah Ruhl’s Eurydice. The other two stones and I did some great ensemble work, by the end of it we really felt like one entity, physically and vocally, it was incredible. I’d have to say my favorite production was Peter and the Starcatcher at FMCT, I have never felt as connected to a cast before, that was a fun experience.

TB: What do you do in your free time?
AL: Create art, read, play D&D – I’m a Dungeon Master – these things take up the majority of my free time. I’m currently running a D&D campaign for a bunch of my coworkers, which is a lot of fun.

The cast and crew of Straight White Men. Photo by Kensie Wallner Photography.

TB: What has it been like working in Slice of Life?
AL: It’s been a challenge, but in a really, really good way. I’ve wanted to work with Theatre B for quite some time, so to have the opportunity to do this piece has been great. The cast is awesome, and the process has been fun, but creating Abby was a challenge. Parts of the character are very close to home, but other elements are not, so finding a way to put the pieces together and create one person was not always easy.

TB: Why should audiences come see Slice of Life?
AL:  It is a great piece about finding a way to heal old wounds and come together as a family, even though you have major differences. Also, it’s a comedy!