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Scene Four of Good People

Yes, we get to see this face every night. Gotta love it!

Tonight was the first run-thru since the actors have all been off-book. There was a stumble through a few weeks ago, which was rough as stumble-throughs usually are. But tonight was going to be the full show, with full shifts, and without any line-calling for the very first time. And I got to watch.

As the production manager, I’ve been around from the beginning, but not all the time. I’ll pop in to make sure things are running smoothly and to help solve any problems that come along (like needing a sound board operator — but don’t worry, we found one!). I’ve seen parts of scenes here and there, but  I was excited to see the actual show, start to finish, in order.

Let me just say that I was blown away. Here we are, 10 days from opening, and I thought the show was fabulous. There were a few times where I noticed a little bit of line struggling, but the actors covered it well. The characters were real people, their emotions were raw and justified and the story was incredible.

And just think — if it was that good 10 days out, how fabulous will it be on opening night?? And all the way through the run?

You gotta see this show — you will not want to miss it.

Emily Clemenson
-Production Manager