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Words fail. I don’t know what to say about the departure of our co-founders Lori and Scott Horvik.

They were a couple of the first people David and I met when we moved to Fargo Moorhead 19 years ago, and we were immediately best friends. From the moment I met Scott, I knew I wanted to act alongside him. When I began working with Lori at NDSU, I hoped we would have chance to collaborate on creative projects. We founded Theatre B, in part, as a place to play together.

I have no doubt that the universe brought us together at a time and place where our creative energies would flower.  Even as I write this goodbye, there are countless stories I could share – too many for anyone to read. Lori and Scott have dedicated the best years of their creative and professional lives to the betterment of the Fargo Moorhead area. They have worked tirelessly to inspire artists, educate students, entertain audiences, energize downtown, and celebrate this community.

Our personal and professional lives have been wound up together for over 15 years, and I honestly don’t know what I will do without them. I only hope that they will find a new group of creative collaborators, more opportunities to share their talents, and contentment in their new home. They are my intentional family and I love them dearly. I know they are just down the road, but I’ll miss them more than I can say.