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From the Desk of Carrie Wintersteen, Executive Director:

Coffee with Carrie

photo by Michael Benedict

Everywhere I go I run into people I know. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say I meet people who think they know me because they sit in the audience and see me on stage at Theatre B. I enjoy these brief encounters, but rarely do I get a chance to have a real conversation and get to know these patrons.

So I am inviting people to come to coffee once a week, beginning in January. I will start by blowing my New Year’s Resolution workout at Nichole’s on Wednesday, January 7th at 10:30am. The next week I’ll have an afternoon pick-me-up at Babb’s on Thursday, January 15th at 3:30pm.

Please feel free to stop by and join me. I look forward to visiting with you. And don’t be surprised if a Theatre B Board member calls you to invite you personally. The Board is on deck to make sure I don’t sit alone in coffee shops too much.

Hope to see you at the coffee shop!