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Shea Hittman, Stage Manager

Stage Manager Shea Hittman and Assistant Stage Manager Roiann Baird have never been paired together as stage managers before Gruesome Playground Injuries – a fact their incredible collaboration would never reveal.

Shea is a Concordia graduate who majored in theatre arts and self-emphasized in stage management, while spending part of her time volunteering at Theatre B. After graduation, she spent time working in various cities before returning to Fargo in Sept. 2013.

“When we knew she was back, we pranced,” Pam Strait, the director of Gruesome, said.

Pam also reached out to Roiann, whom she knew through volunteering at the Fargo Public Library, and asked her to serve as the ASM of Gruesome.

Roiann didn’t know anything about Shea when she was offered the ASM position, but said Pam claimed “Shea is one of the greatest stage managers you could be working under.”

Now, over six weeks later, Shea and Roiann have developed a valuable partnership.

“Roiann is a very sweet person, and she’s eager and willing to learn new things,” Shea said.

Roiann Baird, Assistant Stage Manager

Roiann enjoys the mentorship she is receiving from Shea.

“I am undergoing a learning process,” Roiann said, “and without her guidance, I would be lost.”

Together, Shea and Roiann share responsibilities such as being present at as many rehearsals as possible and writing rehearsal reports. Shea also serves as the main contact person for both the production and administration teams.

Both Shea and Roiann enjoy experiencing the creative evolution a play undergoes from the very first rehearsal to closing night – and creative evolution has been abundant in our preparation for Gruesome thus far – from the actors to the director to the design team and beyond.

“It’s great to see how everyone in the group has grown together in this process,” Shea said.

Roiann has been continuously impressed by the friendliness, professionalism and communication among everyone involved in Gruesome. Shea agrees.

“Everyone here who has been involved in this show is really invested in the integrity of this work,” Shea said.