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Ensemble member David Wintersteen directing Steve Poitras and executive director Carrie Wintersteen at an audition

Clybourne Park’s auditions are coming up this weekend, Sunday, Feb. 9 and Monday, Feb. 10 at 7 p.m.

Interested in auditioning, but not sure how to prepare? Don’t stress – Theatre B wants to help you!

Ensemble members David Wintersteen, Maren Jystad-Spar, Pam Strait and Tucker Lucas share their advice:

1. Come prepared as much as possible with the information available to you.

2. Find a monologue that is from a relatively recent play, in a style similar to the show you are auditioning for, and which you find compelling. Expect to spend at least an hour finding the right monologue for the audition.

3. Cut the piece to about one minute. It is better to have a strong ending than a strong beginning. One minute is better than two.

4. Memorize thoroughly. If you have the work down cold you will be able to focus on acting it; if you don’t you will only be able to focus on remembering the words. Plan on two hours of work to memorize each minute of the monologue.

5. Introduce yourself and your piece before you present your monologue.

6. Find and play the character’s task in your minute on stage. Your character knows that something important needs to get done now. Place your listener(s) in the audience (but don’t target the director!). Plan on one hour of rehearsal for each memorized minute of monologue.

7. When you are not acting, be yourself. Be on time. Be pleasant. Be polite. Be interested.

8. Dress comfortably and be prepared to move.

9. Bring a current headshot and up-to-date theatre resume (these are often on opposite sides of a single sheet).

10. Know any scheduling conflicts you may have that might fall within the rehearsal or performance dates.

11. Speak clearly and with confidence at all times.

12. Have fun! If you stress about the audition, you won’t do your best – and Theatre B wants you to do your best!

If you are not available either day, please contact director Brad Delzer at programs@theatreb.org to schedule an audition.

Visit theatreb.org/spotlight for additional audition and show information.