Theatre B productions have been remarkable in the sustained high quality of their work: the choice of plays, the abilities of the actors, the stage craft. The group makes a wonderful contribution to the Fargo-Moorhead area, and I look forward to its future.

- Davis

Theatre B's Office will be closed August 7th through the 24th, 2017

Hoping to get in touch with Carrie or another staff member? We will be checking our voicemail and responding to e-mails as much as possible during this time. 

Please call us at 701-729-8880 or e-mail us at and we will respond as quickly as possible to your message. 

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Theatre B at the Fringe

Presenting Our Boy by Rob Urbinati
at the Minnesota and Boulder Fringe Festivals Summer 2017


An athlete idolized by the community is accused of sexual assault. His parents are shattered. How do they trust the son they adore, while confronting the possibility that he perpetrated an appalling crime?

Featuring Theatre B founding members Carrie and David Wintersteen.
Recommended for audiences ages 16+. 

Performances at the MN Fringe
Venue: Theatre in the Round
8/3/2017 8:30 PM
8/6/2017 7:00 PM
8/7/2017 10:00 PM
8/10/2017 7:00 PM
8/13/2017 2:30 PM

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Information regarding Boulder Fringe performances to come. 
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"It's kind of like a mirror of what we have in our own lives but might be afraid to talk about. And then you see it there, on stage, in front of you. It really can change your life."

There have been a lot of entertaining, provocative, and powerful productions that Theatre B has produced or been a part of. We invited a few fans to talk about one that impacted them. You can view the video below or on YouTube.



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