I’ve been meaning to write you since we attended The Pillowman on Valentine’s Day. I overheard my boyfriend the day after the performance, telling my dad that his life would not be as complete as he knew it to be, if he had not seen the ‘story’ the night before. We both really enjoyed it and even found some of our friends’ parents in the audience.

- Brianna


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  • 3 visits from playwright David MacGregor to develop and celebrate the world premiere ofScrooge Macbeth as part of our Incubator Series
  • Halloween screening event at DMF presenting the new film of Vino Veritas
  • Integration of visual art training from the Rourke Art Museum for our production of Red
  • Collaboration with FMCT to offer 3-week advanced performance training
  • Development of collaboration with Fargo Public Library for Clybourne Park
  • Collaboration and planning of the May 1-3, 2014 Performing Arts Symposium with NDSU Theatre Arts Department
  • Collaboration with the North Dakota Governor’s School for BEAT program, summer 2014
  • Planning for 2014-15 collaborations with the Embrace Cancer Survivorship Program, Concordia College, The Fargo-Moorhead Symphony, and The Gathering
  • Planning for 2014-2015 Incubator workshop series leading to world premiere of The Art of Bad Men by Vincent Delany in 2015-16

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Here is a list of things on our wish list:  

Scanner/Copy Machine

Lighting Dimmers   

Snow Blower    

Various Tools



Theatre B offers the opportunity to select how your donation is used. Here are some of the opportunities for designated sponsorship, and the estimated cost of those goods and services. 

$500    Supports an ASL Interpreted Performance

$500    Buys a New Sound Board

$500    Buys Signs on Front of Building

$300    Buys a Lighting Instrument

$275    Buys a Year of Web Hosting

$250    Buys a Year of Floor Maintenance