About Us 

This note of thanks is long overdue! I so enjoyed my first experience of Theatre B, and the performance of "The Year of Magical Thinking". From the greeting at the door to the goodbyes and come-again at the end of the evening, it was a relaxing, exciting, positive experience! ...and what can I say about Mary Cochran's performance — Masterfully done — true to the text. Five minutes into it I saw and heard only Joan Didion and her story. Blessings on all of you and the work that you do.

- Sandy

What's New at Theatre B?

We've moved to a new location at 215 10th St. N. in Moorhead, MN and we hope to see you there!


Theatre B

Our Mission: To engage regional audiences through innovative theatrical productions that are culturally and artistically invigorating.

Our Vision:  Theatre B will become an established professional theatre built around a resident ensemble and enmeshed in the fabric of the community.

Our Values:  
  • Theatre B values creative work of high artistic integrity.
  • Theatre B values a healthy ensemble and intentional family.
  • Theatre B values the ongoing development of emerging artists and displaced professionals.
  • Theatre B values thought-provoking art as inspiration for social action.
  • Theatre B values stewardship of all resources.
  • Theatre B values the theatre as an integral part of a healthy cultural community.

Since 2003, the ensemble and guest artists of Theatre B have brought to life a wide variety of the latest award-winning plays and bold, untested new works.  Located in the renovated storefront at 716 Main Avenue in downtown Fargo, Theatre B’s unique space removes barriers between actor and audience, intensifying the experience and moving viewers to contemplate the stories long after they have left the theatre.

Our Programs:

Theatre B currently has four main program areas:

  • Main Stage
  • B Emerging Artist Training (B.E.A.T.)
  • Incubator Series for New Work
  • Community Collaborations

Main Stage

Theatre B produces a four-show main stage season, presenting some of the newest, most innovative plays available for the Fargo-Moorhead region.  The season spans from fall through spring, with each show running at least four or five weeks.  This performance schedule is unique in the region.  Theatre B’s long runs allow artists to bring the stories fully to life and gives an ever growing audience greater access to our distinctly intimate venue.

Theatre B Emerging Artist Training (B.E.A.T.)

Theatre B’s B.E.A.T. program gives talented emerging artists the opportunity to deepen their talents by co-learning, training, and creating with experienced members of the Theatre B ensemble. B.E.A.T. strives to foster the deeper creative development of these talented emerging artists in an immersive, focused way through rigorous training as well as undertaking the creative process, often towards a high-quality theatrical event.

Theatre B believes strongly in the power of the ensemble as a creative force. The B.E.A.T. Program cultivates the next generation of theatre artists by encouraging a multi-disciplinary approach and intensive cross-training.  With emphasis on a small ensemble, contemporary literature, and current training techniques, B.E.A.T. provides students a safe environment to question assumptions and explore ideas. The creative process of the ensemble produces confident young leaders as well as a thrilling theatrical event. 

The highlight of the B.E.A.T. program is our Summer B.E.A.T. Training and Performance program. Over the course of 6 weeks young emerging artists - currently attending or recently graduated from High School - spend 8 hours a day exploring the art and craft of ensemble-based theatre through training and rehearsal toward the performance of an innovative theatrical production.

Theatre B Incubator for New Work

INCUBATOR – Provides heat and promotes development 

In an effort to expand the opportunities for artists and audiences in the region, Theatre B launched the Incubator for New Work. Emerging playwrights can see how their writing translates from the page to the stage.  Regional audiences will have the chance not only to see previously unseen and un-produced work, but also to provide feedback for playwrights prior to final publishing.  Ultimately, Theatre B will commission new work and assist with script development for playwrights at any stage of their careers.

Community Collaborations

Theatre B takes on several special projects and collaborations each year.  Some projects develop from requests by service organizations who wish to use theatre as a means of community engagement.  Others grow out of the creative or educational interests of ensemble members and guest artists.

Emerging Artists and Displaced Professionals

Theatre B enjoys a unique organizational model, with a small resident ensemble responsible for much of the production and operational work of the company.   Founded in 2003 by Amber Bernhardt, Lori Horvik, Scott Horvik, Carrie Wintersteen and David Wintersteen, this core of artists has grown to 14 resident members supported by a small part-time staff, a nine-member Board of Directors and countless volunteers.  The innovation and quality of the work has attracted other “displaced professionals” as well as emerging artists from local colleges and universities who have found the FM area rich with economic and cultural opportunities.  Guest artists frequently grace Theatre B productions in every role from actor and director to designer and technician.

Embracing the Unexpected

The ensemble structure of Theatre B has grown organically out of a common interest in thought-provoking plays and a commitment to excellence in production.  A four-show main stage season offers a balanced repertory of contemporary dramas and comedies, many of which would typically be available only in large metropolitan areas.  The company occasionally delves into classics that spotlight relevant themes and ideas.

While most of the titles are unfamiliar, audiences trust the company to produce professional quality programming throughout the season.  The ensemble focuses on effective story-telling and creative use of the intimate theatre space to engage audiences.  The plays provide challenges of all kinds.  Some stories challenge audiences to see the world through another’s eyes and think differently about their role in the community.  Other scripts challenge actors, designers and directors to refine their craft and develop new capacities for reaching audiences.  This emphasis on excellence in production leads to transformative theatre that can invigorate and thrill audiences in unexpected ways.

Cooperation and Collaboration

In addition to the four-show main stage season, Theatre B collaborates with a variety of local artists and organizations on projects that invigorate community conversation and social action.  For example, in honor of the 11th anniversary of Matthew Shepard’s murder, Theatre B participated in a world-wide premiere of The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later.  The free staged reading was produced in partnership with The Pride Collective & Community Center and the North Dakota Human Rights Coalition, with support from Aaland Law Offices, the High Plains Reader and State Bank & Trust.

Other collaborative partners include: The Spirit Room (Bright Bird: The Art of Corita Kent); the Soroptimists of Fargo & Moorhead (Body and Sold); the FM Symphony (The Soldier’s Tale and Ellis Island: The Dream of America); and the Bemidji Symphony Orchestra (The Defiant Requiem).

Theatre B enjoyed a seven-year partnership with Trollwood Performing Arts School producing Second Stage, a unique educational opportunity for high school students to explore cutting-edge new work as an ensemble, under the guidance of experienced professionals.  This program included original work developed in collaboration with playwrights, contemporary dramas that exploring difficult pertinent issues and wildly theatrical new comedies that developing a wide range of performance skills.

Theatre B has also developed a community service tour with a one-woman show, The Year of Magical Thinking. This new play by Joan Didion follows her journey through grief after the sudden death of her husband of forty years.  A beautiful and poignant show about coping with loss, The Year of Magical Thinking is available for presentation to select groups and under-served rural audiences.